The Yoga of Light
The Path of the Priestess


A magical journey to the heart of the Goddess through music, chant, dance and ritual from the temples and sacred circles of ancient India, Egypt, Tibet and Greece

Visionary film producer, choreographer, and composer Sharron Rose and Sacred Mysteries Productions have brought together an exciting array of accomplished musicians and dancers who have spent numerous years immersed in the rhythms, melodies, myths and symbols of sacred cultures from around the world. In March and early April they will be offering two Boulder workshops as well as a gala performance in Denver for the Guru Sai Maa Gala Celebration. For more information, visit http://www.sharronrose.com


Shakti’s Bliss Gala Ritual Performance:

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April 6, 8:30 pm, cost $25 at the Sheraton Hotel Denver Colorado, 1550 Court Place, for more information, see: http://www.sai-maa.com/en/april/main-event/

Shakti's Bliss Gala Ritual Performance offers a unique blend of enchanting multilayered harmonic vocals, powerful rhythms and melodies along with the beauty of sacred temple dance and the transformative energy of community ritual. Experience a powerful celebration of reunion with our sacred feminine essence that reaches out to encompass the universal rhythms and harmonies of life.


Sharron Rose- vocals/ dance/ percussion (Sacred Mysteries Productions filmmaker, composer, author, sacred dancer)
Monique Trinity Rose-
Dance/percussion (Dakini Rose Garden,
featured in the upcoming Sacred Mysteries feature film, Shasta)


Beth Quist,- vocals/ dulcimer/percussion (Cirque du Soliel, Bobby Mc Farin’s Voicestra. Sherefe))

Adey- vocals (Rogue, star of and composer for the upcoming Sacred Mysteries feature film, Shasta)


Jesse Manno- oud, saz, flute, vocals (Music Director University of Colorado Dance Department, Sherefe)
James Hoskins - cello, gadulka, horns
(Sherefe, New Land Balkan Band)






Jeffrey Rodgers- tabla, percussion (long time disciple of Alla Rakha and Zakir Hussein)





Ramzi El Edlibi- Middle Eastern drums, dance
(NYC drum/dance Master)


Marta- vocals/dance/percussion (My Magdalene, World Dance and Music)

Zahara - Middle eastern drums (Sherefe)

You can also register for the full Sai Maa teaching at , http://www.sai-maa.com/en/april/main-event/ or find more information on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/275885549210341/

Shakti’s Bliss Workshops


April 7 - Shakti’s Bliss Dance, Rhythm and Chant Workshop
Adi Shakti Annex, 6717 Valmont Rd. Boulder, Colorado 1-4pm, $35, bring a friend discount $30, for more information, see: www.adishakticenter.com, www.sacredmysteries.com or phone :720-252-3962.

This class brings Master Teachers/Performers Beth Quist, Ramzi El Edlibi and Monique Trinity Rose together with Sharron Rose and Jeffrey Rodgers to offer participants the opportunity to learn an extraordinary blend of song, dance, chant and rhythm from India and the Middle East. Join us for a powerful exotic immersion in the true nature of bliss through the beauty and power of the universal languages of dance, rhythm, and chant.

June 23 – Summer Solstice
Celebrate Sacred Union, through Devotion to the Feminine -
with Sharron Rose, Lila Sophia Tresemer and Musicians

The Starhouse, 3476 Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, Colorado, 6 pm Sliding scale admission: $15-25 for adults, $5 for youth, $30 for Solstice family pass, 303-245-8452; www.TheStarHouse.net) The StarHouse is dedicated to Sacred Union, and Summer Solstice is the time that honors the brightest and longest day in the northern hemisphere.

Join us for an honoring and dedication to the Sacred Feminine, from the Sacred Masculine...as the Sun blesses the Earth with life-giving power. The Earth used that power of light/Shakti to generate Life in all of its diversity. In the spirit of Ceremonial Play, through meditation, movement and chant, we will work with the elements, the directions and the Four Faces of the Goddess to co-create a ritual of Devotion to our beloved Mother Earth.


Lila Sophia Tresemer is co-Founder of The StarHouse and The Path of the Ceremonial Arts. She is an author and playwright, facilitator and ceremonialist, whose primary dedication is to the Remembrance of the Divine Feminine so that true Sacred Union can be realized and worked with in these challenging times on Earth.