The Yoga of Light
The Path of the Priestess

Ramzi El Edlibi

Raised in Lebanon where he was immersed in the dance, rhythms and cultural traditions of the Middle East, Ramzi has traveled the world to research and train in numerous dance forms including Middle Eastern dance with Caracalla (1975- 1981), Flamenco with Jose Granero (1980), Classical ballet with V. Dukodovski (1983- 1997), Jazz with Luigi (1986), Ballroom with Pierre de Leine (1997- 2002), and Tango with Carlos Gavito (1997).

He moved to New York City in 1983 where he created and directed the Ramzi El Edlibi Dance Company for which he brought together dancers from Modern and Western Classical Schools of Dance with those immersed in the rich flavors, stories, and traditions of the Middle East.

In 1993, together with Sharron Rose he began to create multicultural arts-in-education programs for Arts Horizons and Lotus Fine Arts in New York, as well as Young Audiences of America for which he continues to direct and perform to this day. Since 1998 he has been creating new programs for these organizations including Dances and Legends, 100 Years of Popular Dance and Balady; Music and Dance of the Middle East and North Africa. In addition Ramzi has performed in and choreographed for numerous universities as well as for cultural organizations and museums throughout the world.

Ramzi is also a master Middle Eastern percussionist who performs with many traditional groups in NYC. He is currently researching and writing a compendium of ancient and modern rhythms of the Middle East.