The Yoga of Light
The Path of the Priestess

Sharron as Mirabai - Poet Saint of India

“Sharron is a most expressive dancer with great storytelling talent. She brings to her work an ability to involve the audience in the inner beauty of the movement and in the revelations of the spirit.”
—The Miami Herald

“Sharron is truly a cross-cultural interpreter trying to create an harmonious balance between the Western and Eastern cultural heritage.”
—The Patriot, New Delhi, India

“What was most striking was Sharron’s face, alert, alive. It is a face of rapt concentration and joy in that concentration. It is the face of the temple dancer, of Kali, of the Buddha.”`
—The Cambridge Express

“Marvelous virtuosity and feminine charm raised to a febrile pitch”
—Dance Magazine

Sharron as Durga

"Excellent innovation...Her experimentation and forrays into speech, singing, dancing, juxtaposing, video recordings on three monitors, exploring space, time, "weaving, patterns of infinite possibility", drawing from Kathak, which she has studied from Sitara Devi, using different locales, reminiscing the 50's, at times autobiographical, and at times almost offering a critique and attempting cross-cultural interpretation, were quite impressive."
--Indian Express, New Delhi

"Her innate sense of rythm and 'laya' makes her a natural for dance - both Indian and Western"
--The Times of India

"It was awe inspiring to see the way she performed with such an amazing mastery over the Kathak style. The footwork and the elegant way of sounding the ghunghru (ankle bells) proved that she could perform any intricate style of dance with quite an ease."
--Bhavan's News

Sharron as Temple Dancer

“Sharron Rose combines a consummate mastery of eastern dance disciplines with a modern sensibility of what will most effectively communicate the spirit of these ancient arts to a contemporary western audience. The result is a refined yet electrifying, incandescent blaze of flamelike motion that transforms a stage into a temple of divine bliss. Sharron’s transcendent movements have the power to transport the audience through the sacred portals of heightened awareness to witness a breathtaking vision of sacred beauty.”
—Dr. Miranda Shaw, author of Passionate Enlightenment, Women in Tantric Buddhism

“Her experimentation and forays into speech, singing, dancing, juxtaposing video recordings on three video monitors, exploring space, time, “ weaving intricate patterns of infinite possibility” , were quite impressive. “
---Sunil Kothari, Indian Express, New Delhi

Boulder Weekly