The Yoga of Light
The Path of the Priestess

The Goddesses of Strength and Power
Durga, the radiant goddess of power and beauty, killer of the horrific buffalo demon, destroyer of greed, egotism and ignorance.
Sekhmet, the wild and passionate Lion-headed goddess of Egypt. The blazing, transformative eye of the sun god Ra, personification of the darkness of chaos from which new light and life emerges.

In sacred texts paintings, and sculpture of India, Egypt, and Tibet, these powerful female deities are known as the strong, fiery, and wrathful goddesses. Wrathful not in the sense of anger, but in the sense of movement, of energy, and action. These goddesses were created as role models, models of right and appropriate action, acting from a centered, integrated, space of true wisdom and clarity.

Dancing amidst flames of wisdom and power, their postures, gestures and expressions symbolize the playful and passionate outpouring of the enlightened flow and activity of emotion. Holding in their hands sacred implements, which assist them in accomplishing their actions, the images of these powerful goddesses were created to inspire us to understand that true feminine power lies not in destruction but in understanding and transformation.

The experience of a directly felt perception of and communion with this essential light and power of divinity lies at the heart of numerous spiritual teachings and practices the world over. The clear, immediate, experience of this awakening is known as gnosis or wisdom. It arises as a bright lucid knowing, an intuitive realization of the divine presence as it exists within all of creation. It is the most sacred gift of the goddess, a gift which has the pure penetrating power to fully open our hearts eyes and minds to the beauty and majesty of not only the concrete physical world we inhabit, but to the hidden mysteries of the subtle spiritual realms as well.

Kali, the great mother of time, symbol of all of the wild and chaotic forces of nature, in whom all things are created, preserved and destroyed.
Simhamukha, the Tibetan Tantric Lion-headed Dakini or Sky-Dancing Goddess of clear, direct and wrathful compassion, the remover of obstacles who subdues evil spirits, and destroys negative thought and delusions of the mind

Visualization - The Energy Field of the Strong and Fiery Goddess

The goal of the following visualization is to lead you to the profound experience of gnosis, perceive the subtle geography of your luminous energy field and to offer you the opportunity to not just see the Goddess in the inner dimensions of your mind, or visualize her standing before you, but directly experience the extraordinary power of her powerful, shining presence dancing deep within your own heart. So let us embark upon this sacred journey by becoming acquainted with the natural upward flow of the feminine energy field and the vibrant, inner sensations of the Strong and Fiery Goddess.

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Close the outer doors of your perception, release all worldly concerns and turn your mind inward. As you do so, become aware of the responses of your body and breath. Have you ever noticed how the movement of thought through your mind and the flow of breath through your body are completely interconnected? How the ebb and flow of your breath seems to reflect the state of your mind and emotions? How does anger effect itís flow, or fear, or bliss or serenity? Have you ever noticed that that no matter how restless and disturbed your state of mind becomes, by slowly taking a deep breath in and then fully releasing it your mind and body will begin to relax, that as you focus your awareness on your breath, for that moment, your mind will be quiet and the negative thoughts will begin to dissolve? Hence the expression, breathing a sigh of relief.

So begin by taking a few long slow, deep breaths in and out, and as you do so, travel with me to the land of the eternal feminine, the primordial ground of awareness and holy sanctuary which lies at the bindu or mystic center of creation -a truly sacred space in which all forms appear and disappear - the womb of the great and powerful goddess. The mystic womb, which lies in not only at the center of our galaxy, but the center of our hearts, and the center of the earth. It is that still, silent place of emptiness and serenity, the primal source of life and light.

Breathe slowly and deeply in and out, and picture that deep down in the hidden center of the earth upon which you sit, there is a pool of liquid light, as calm, dark and placid as a mountain lake surrounded by the blackness of night.

Visualize that from the very heart of this blackness, a glowing sun begins to emerge, luminous and bright, the secret inner sun of the divine feminine, the initiating and nourishing force of life itself. See the primal energy of it's shining solar face as a radiant manifestation of the vast purifying power and wisdom of the wild and fiery goddess.

Now imagine that just like a tree or plant, from the base of your spine, you have roots, which spread out and extend way down into this glowing womb of the earth. Through these roots you are able to sense and make a connection with this ancient inner sun.

Breathe inÖ Feel it rise upwards from the heart of the earth, through these roots and enter the subtle energy center, which lies at the base of your spine. Breathe out... See it's cleansing rays stream forth from this center as shimmering particles of light. RelaxÖ Feel them radiating outward through your thighs, your knees, your calves, your ankles, your feet and your toes, clearing away any tension or pain that resides there.

Breathe inÖ bringing this powerful illuminating light of the Goddess, again upward into your body. Breathe out... and rest. Now picture that running down the center of your body, is a subtle, tube-like channel, as strong and supportive as the trunk of a great tree.

In the Tantric tradition this subtle channel is called the central channel, or Shushumna, in the Kabbalistic tradition, the central pillar of the Tree of Life, and in the Egyptian tradition the Djed pillar. According to the mystics, this channel begins four fingers below your navel, in the area of your cervix, at the base of your womb.

Focus your attention upon this area, this vital center of feminine power and creativity and as you breathe in imagine that from your cervix or the physical opening to this secret place, you are drawing in the magnificent flaming energy of the sun in the form of cleansing terrestrial fire.

Breathe out... think of your cervix as a doorway into this blessed inner sanctum... Now with each gentle inhalation and exhalation, allow your cervix to relax and open and your womb be filled to overflowing with the stimulating and enriching light of the goddess.

Feel her warm solar radiance enter this hallowed heart of your womb, pervading this very private place, dissolving away any tension, strain or congestion in your pelvis and female organs. Experience it fading away as simply and naturally as the morning dew touched by the brilliant rays of the rising sun.

Again... focus on your cervix and draw this cleansing spiritual fire of the feminine up into your body. Take a long, slow deep breath in. Feel it rise in the form of a bright and shining sun through the central channel of your body, up through your womb and into your solar plexus, the powerful nerve center located directly below your rib cage.

Breathe out with a soft sigh and relax, as you allow the clear, lustrous energy of this pure, glistening orb to emanate outward from this center, spreading through your small intestine, stomach, liver, gall bladder, colon, spleen and kidneys. Feel it's deep, liberating power clear away and transmute any anger, tension, anxiety, and fear you hold with in the mid-section of your body.
Breathe in... once again bring the rich, potent energy of the goddess up through your body, in the form of a shining golden disk. Breathe out... feel it passing through each of these newly burnished centers, until it reaches the still, silent ocean of your heart. Breathe in ... see the exquisite beauty and majesty of her lustrous face rising up from this dark ocean glowing with the luminous light of her infinite warmth and wisdom. Breathe out.. open your heart to the vast healing power of this divine light and energy.

Relax... feel the pure, distilled essence of this light flowing through your heart, burning away layer upon layer of the tough protective armoring you have created to shield this very sensitive and powerful center. Sense it absorbing, purifying and transforming all of the pain and sadness you hold there. Permit yourself to release any sorrow, anguish, grief or apprehension you may have been experiencing.

Feel this sacred spiritual fire of the goddess kindle the fundamental light of wisdom that lies within its depths. Let this light shine forth like a flaming torch, illuminating the darkness of night, awakening you to the immense power and dignity of your own resplendent spirit.

Breathe in....as you bring this unwavering flame of feminine wisdom and awareness up from your heart into your throat.. Breathe out ... feel it's clear, vital energy flood through your throat and upper body. With each inhalation and exhalation, sense it fully opening this center, encouraging you to release the choked up feelings and abandoned insights that have been imprisoned there by a society that is afraid of the immense power and potency of a woman's emotions.

Imagine that all of your speech, all of the concepts and words that flow forth from your mind into the world are being energized and purified through their contact with this blazing light until they become a clear reflection of the boundless wisdom, insight and compassion of the fiery goddess.

Relax deeply, as you allow your whole upper body to surrender to this divine purification process. Let the stimulating fire run down and suffuse your shoulders arms, hands and fingers. Feel them glow with the radiant light of her primordial purity and perfection.

Now with your next in breath, draw this living stream of goddess energy up into your womb. Breathe out... continue bringing it upwards through your solar plexus, your heart, and your throat. Breathe in...allow it to rise into your head until it reaches the psychic center behind your eyes known to mystics as the pineal center, the seat of your third eye, dakini eye, or eye of gnosis. This is the sacred metaphysical eye that sees in dreams and visions.

Breathe out...feel the bright, shining energy of the fiery goddess, blazing through this center, burning away your negative thoughts, judgments and habits. Let go...relinquish all of the idle chatter that runs through your mind, the incessant flow of thoughts and everyday problems that trouble you.

Breathe in... and out... Feel your dakini eye open to reveal the proud dawning of your innate wisdom in the form of a glittering golden sunburst. See it's shining rays shoot forth, clearing away the dark tangled webs of chaos and confusion that surround you.

Breathe in... once more drawing this sacred inner fire up from its dark subterranean depths into and through the central channel of your body. Breathe out... Feel its powerful warmth rise up, permeate and cleanse this subtle shaft until it is sparkling with the pure fire of divinity. Breathe inÖ let it rise even further to make contact with the energy center that lies at the crown of your head, the precious gateway to total illumination. Breathe outÖ and relax, as in a rush of power and sensation you feel this center spin open to allow the pure blazing light of divinity to cascade down and around the entire circumference of your body until it is fully surrounded by these luminous flames of wisdom.

Imagine that these flames are creating a protective donut, toriodal or egg-like sphere, sealing and protecting your energy field with flames so powerful that all negativities and provocations are cut off at its boundaries.

As you continue to breathe in and out, feel the extraordinary strength of this sacred inner fire continuously coursing into, through and around your body until all of your physical, mental and emotional impurities and obscurations are burned away. Feel its simmering heat melt this dark lead of your being and transmute it into the pure gold of enlightenment.
As you feel the pure, abundant light of your own essential spirit rise up and permeate the universe, picture yourself as the fierce and fiery goddess exuding luminous flames of clarity, wisdom and compassion from every cell of your being, dancing with wild abandon the mystic dance of freedom and self-liberation.