The Yoga of Light
The Path of the Priestess


Picture yourself lying at the base of a glistening waterfall. See it playfully dancing and splashing before you. Feel the moist wetness of its spray as it makes contact with your skin.

Open your nostrils and breathe in.... let the desire for pleasure and bliss arise in your secret place as your eyes inwardly expand. Breathe out... feel your eyelids relax and flutter as your womb opens and quivers in anticipation of being infused with the luscious liquid light of the goddess.

Breathe in... open your eyes wide and let your head fall back as this sensuous vibratory energy surges up through your spine in a rush of pleasure and delight. Breathe out… as this rich and vibrant light fills your being with a sense of overwhelming joy and vitality.

With each new inhalation and exhalation, feel the light rush through every nook and cranny of your body, spewing forth from every pore. Let go... totally immerse yourself in the play of this invigorating energy. Feel it rise up and animate your eyes as they twinkle with laughter.

Allow your head to totally relax and respond, your eyelids flutter, as waves of delight bubble up and splash forth in an effervescent display. Picture yourself as the Joyful Goddess, your body pulsating with light, dancing freely in the magical display of phenomena.