The Yoga of Light
The Path of the Priestess

Interview with Sharron Rose from

Four Corners Magazine

by Mary Nelson

Sharron Rose is a filmmaker, scholar, author and choreographer as well as the co-founder of Sacred Mysteries. She is also the writer and director of the new film 2012: The Odyssey.

MN: Why did you decide to make the film 2012: The Odyssey?

SR: I had been reading many books by authors who focused upon the profound changes that would be in store for us around that time period. I wanted to talk to the experts, the ones who had written the books that I was reading, and find out the real message and meaning of the prophesies and predictions for 2012.

MN: What did you find?

SR: There is an amazing amount of consensus around the subject. Prophecies from numerous spiritual traditions all speak of a sudden transformative shift that is happening at this very moment in time. In addition to the Mayans, the Incans and the Alchemists the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Jews, the Maori, the Cherokee and more have ancient
prophecies addressing the time period we are living in right now. We should be
prepared and help others to prepare.

As far as the 2012 moment is concerned, we should not wait until the December solstice date to take action because our world and the future it offers for us is being altered right now, all around us. And I am not just speaking about the effects of globalization, the internet, global warming and peak oil but more importantly the fact that a conscious shift is occurring. What is going on right now on planet Earth is that a new level of consciousness is emerging as a tangible quality. That consciousness is making us all painfully aware of how much work there is left to do. At this critical moment in time, we have the opportunity to awaken from the nightmares of the past and discover who we really are beneath the imprinted thoughts and cravings which have led us here.

MN: What do you think will happen in 2012?

SR: The future is being created right now, in every action that we take. Many foresee that there will very likely be a series of global catastrophes, one following the other. These disasters are the world trying to wake us up. Right now there is a great slumber across the land, Alberto Villodo refers to it as a cultural trance, Jose Arguelles, a
Dreamspell. It is time to awaken and free our minds.

So in the short term I think we should be ready for anything, in the
long term, after the future events have played themselves out, I envision
that it will be a wonderful, fertile, rejuvenated world. Having come through the
transition we will have a new sensitivity to both the physical world
and the larger metaphysical reality that shapes our lives. The model of the future I like to envision is what Terence McKenna referred to as the archaic revival.

Many of us are afraid of what is coming but we shouldn't be. Fear constricts and binds us to the old paradigm. What we need now is the courage to face and transmute the essential energy of that fear into right action. There is a great world waiting for us to birth into being, one of love and generosity and wisdom and compassion. If we sit on our hands and do nothing, if we allow the forces of greed and egotism to continue to dominate our world, then we will not be pleased with the outcome. That is one of the main reasons for making 2012: The Odyssey. In a way it was created as an alchemical experiment to help transform the future. By casting forward the idea that our thoughts and actions can have an effect on the future, on what happens five years from now, that idea will empower us to take responsibility and insure that the best possible future will emerge. I think it's called The Secret.